On Notos an album is more than a photo gallery, it is a place where you can tell the story of your pictures.

It is very easy to create an album:

  • When you sign up on Notos for the first time, an album is automatically created and invites you to follow these steps below ⬇️ 
  • If you already are a user of Notos, log in to the site and click on the "New album" button and follow these steps ⬇️ 

1 - Write a title for your album and an optional description, then click on "Continue".

New album

2 - Drag and drop your pictures onto the provided space or select them from the file explorer.

Select pictures

3 - You can choose how your pictures will be sorted out: for example, organized in chapters.

4 - And here is your album, congratulations!

What's great with Notos is that you can start organize and customize your album while your pictures are uploading! On the top left of the edit bar you can see the upload status.

➡️ Check out here how to customize your album!

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