Did you know? On Notos you can follow an album or a user to be notified when something new is posted.

How to follow an album

When someone shares an album with you, you can follow it by clicking on "Follow this album" on the top right of the page, as shown in the example below.

Following an album means that you will be notified when the author adds new content to it (a new chapter, more pictures, etc...).

How to follow a User

To follow a User, go to their public page and click on the "Follow" button on the top right of the page.

Following a User will make you follow all of their public albums and means that you will receive a notification when they publish a new public album.

In the case that this User already shared one or several albums with you, following this User will also make you follow these shared albums.

Unfollow a User or an album

You can unfollow a User or an album at any time, just by clicking on the "Following" button. You will no longer receive notifications of their updates.

Unfollowing a User will make you unfollow all of their albums.


To be able to follow an album or a User you must have an account on Notos and be logged in.

You can find all the albums that you follow and that are shared with you on the page "Activity".

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