When you visit an album on Notos you can leave a reaction (a "like") or a comment on the chapters.

Leave a reaction on an album

Click on the heart-shaped button to leave a "Like" or on the bubble to write a comment.

To avoid spams, only registered users can like or comment, so make sure to be logged in on Notos first, or sing up to Notos if you don't have an account yet.

Likes and comments

You can also reply to a comment or delete a comment you posted.

If you are the author of the album you can see who left a "Like" by clicking on the heart button.

You also have the ability to delete comments on your album.

Disable or Enable reactions

Reactions on an album are enabled by default but as the author you can disable this feature at any time on any of your albums.

To do so, go to your album and click on the "Settings" button.

Then go to "Reactions enabled" and switch off the button.


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